Roof top tents

Our Roof tents are manufactured from high quality rip stop canvas and the base of our roof top tent is fully aluminium, Our tents come as standard with a large access door on either end of the tent as well a large window on each side. The tent comes as standard with an upholstered foam mattress and aluminium ladder.

 Our tent has quite a unique design feature as we also have an access door built into the base of the tent. The reason for this additon is so if you require our "add a room" option which very simply connects to the base of the tent then you are able to move from the inside of the tent to the add a room without going outside. Another nice feature is that 2 people can sleep in the add a room and 2 people in the roof tent which means easy communication can be achieved if nessercary which is ideal for people with younger children.

Most of our roof top tents are 1.3m L  x 1.3m W  when closed (1.3m x 2.6m when opened) however other sizes are available upon request.

If you require any further information about our roof top tents or our add a rooms then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Aditional Information

Price From R11 450.00

Publish on 17 January, 2015