Hardshell Compact

The newest addition to our range of Hardshell roof top tents is the ''Hardshell Compact''.

The Hardshell Compact offers many of the same advantages as our other Hardshell tents but in a much more compact size which means it takes up less space on the roof of your vehicle or trailer allowing addititonal space for other items such as Jerry cans, fire wood and gas bottles etc. In some cases it can also allow you to fit a second hardshell compact if you require space for 4 people.

The Hardshell Compact has a full aluminium shell and opens on gas assisted springs which give you the same durability and ease of use as our other hardshell tents. When closed the Hardshell compact is 1500mm L x 1320mm w. When opened the Hardshell Compact has an inside sleeping area approximately 2100mm L x 1350mm W.

If you require further information about the Hardshell Compact then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Aditional Information


Publish on 23 May, 2021